Something I always wanted to do was: scan my old receipts and papers, the ones we probably won’t need but keep just in case upload them to Evernote, tagged and organized into notebooks, e.g., receipts, car insurance, journal entries, pay slips, and taxes sync them across my devices and make sure they’re backed up run […]

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The Brownhaired Girl

This is months after the news originally occurred. It’s about a Japanese high school student’s lawsuit against her high school. The school has a rule that students must have black hair. This caused a problem for the plaintiff because she was born with brown hair. The school reprimanded and forced her to regularly buy and […]

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My Learning Korean FAQ

Why did you start learning Korean? I took interest in Korea after watching the Korean drama What Happened in Bali in 2006. I watched others after it but was too busy to consider studying another language. Studying Japanese and working full-time were already taking up a lot of my resources. In spring 2015, I watched Deep […]

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Lighting & Sleep

Some of my health ideas have made me feel like the guy on the Discovery Channel talking about aliens interacting with ancient humans. I can tell when people are listening to me (to be polite) but think I’m crazy. Now, though, optimizing sleep is a common topic in Paleo forums and podcasts. You may even […]

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End of Hiatus

2016 was a hard year for me. This is the main reason I haven’t posted. Work became busy. I faced more responsibility and demands with little compensation in return. I matured (more like aged) from the experience. I started seriously thinking about my future and long term goals, e.g., more rewarding and lucrative ways of […]

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Self Treat Allergies

Many years ago, after moving to Japan, I developed sinus troubles. This happened after spending some time in a hospital. During my stay, I was prescribed antibiotics for weeks. Antibiotics work like an atomic bomb. They kill indiscriminately. The antibiotics took away my infection, but they also destroyed my gut. Research shows your gut affects […]

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