I’ve always wanted to: scan my old receipts and papers upload them to Evernote, tagged and organized sync them across my devices run all the papers through a shredder Right before I put the papers through the shredder, I was having second thoughts. “What if I’ll need the original?” I figured, if I’d ever have […]

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Brownhaired Girl

This is months after the news originally occurred. It’s about a Japanese high school student’s lawsuit against her high school. The school has a rule: students must have black hair. This caused a problem for the plaintiff because she was born with brown hair. The school reprimanded and forced her to regularly buy and apply […]

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Learning Korean FAQ

Why did you start learning Korean? I took interest in Korea after watching the Korean drama What Happened in Bali in 2006. I watched others after it but was too busy to consider studying another language. Studying Japanese and working full-time were already taking up a lot of my resources. In spring 2015, I watched Deep […]

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Lighting & Sleep

Some of my health ideas have made me feel like the guy on the Discovery Channel talking about aliens interacting with ancient humans. I can tell when people are listening to me (to be polite) but think I’m crazy. Now, though, optimizing sleep is a common topic in Paleo forums and podcasts. You may even […]

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