End of Hiatus

2016 was a hard year for me. This is the main reason I haven’t posted. Work became busy. I faced more responsibility and demands with little compensation in return. I matured (more like aged) from the experience. I started seriously thinking about my future and long term goals, e.g., more rewarding and lucrative ways of […]

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Self Treat Allergies

Many years ago, after moving to Japan, I developed sinus troubles. This happened after spending some time in a hospital. During my stay, I was prescribed antibiotics for weeks. Antibiotics work like an atomic bomb. They kill indiscriminately. The antibiotics took away my infection, but they also destroyed my gut. Research shows your gut affects […]

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Argument Against Kanji

Let’s compare two average people, one Japanese, one American. The task is to handwrite an essay about any social issue. Introduce and present the issue to your readers. Explain why this issue worries you. Suggest what you think should be done. You have one hour to write. You can’t use a dictionary. Points are deducted […]

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Getting iPhone 6s

My wife and I headed to SoftBank to check the new iPhones. It was the day after they were released in Japan. The Twitterers in Japan said stores all over were out of stock. We were both using Galaxies (Note 3 and S4) on Docomo. Both contracts were about to end. We were SoftBank iPhone […]

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Return to iPhone

In October 2013, I bought my first Android device, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Its thin bezels, 5.7 inch 1080p display, and slim size caught my attention months before its release. Many Androids were touting 5 inch screens and 1080p displays. They were bigger and had better resolutions than the iPhone 5 and 5S of the […]

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