Argument Against Kanji

Let’s compare two average people, one Japanese, one American. The task is to handwrite an essay about any social issue. Introduce and present the issue to your readers. Explain why this issue worries you. Suggest what you think should be done. You have one hour to write. You can’t use a dictionary. Points are deducted […]

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Getting iPhone 6s

My wife and I headed to SoftBank to check the new iPhones. It was the day after they were released in Japan. The Twitterers in Japan said stores all over were out of stock. We were both using Galaxies (Note 3 and S4) on Docomo. Both contracts were about to end. We were SoftBank iPhone […]

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Return to iPhone

In October 2013, I bought my first Android device, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Its thin bezels, 5.7 inch 1080p display, and slim size caught my attention months before its release. Many Androids were touting 5 inch screens and 1080p displays. They were bigger and had better resolutions than the iPhone 5 and 5S of the […]

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Squatty Potty

Despite knowing the benefits of squatting to do a number two for many years, I usually sit to do my business. When you look at the mechanics of it, you’ll be surprised how inefficient the sitting position is. Yes, it’s more comfortable than squatting, but what’s your goal here? You shouldn’t be getting comfortable to watch a […]

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Fuji TV Propaganda via Subtitles

My rushed translation of this Huffington Post Japan article. There may be errors and I’m willing to stand corrected if necessary. Japanese netizens have been criticizing Fuji TV for an incident that occurred on IKEGAMI Akira Kinkyuu Special, aired on 5 JUN 2015. The special featured a segment of on-the-street interviews with South Koreans in Seoul. The […]

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Legend of Dragoon

I’ve been playing the Japanese version of Legend of Dragoon on PSP for a few months. I originally played the US version in the winter of 2000 on PS1. I was a senior in high school at the time. Back then, I can’t remember having any trouble with the difficulty of the game. I didn’t […]

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