Training Again

I started working out again yesterday. My workout for the last few months has been mainly sports. I play soccer, basketball, go running, go swimming, and ride my bike for transportation. I play sports for fun. I don’t consider them training. In terms of purpose specific exercise, I have been doing infrequent and inconsistent calisthenic […]

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Summer Goals

Here are my summer goals: climb Mt. Fuji ride my bike to Kyōto (about 120 km) have an animal experience I’ll try to accomplish the second one next week. I’m taking a slightly longer but safer route than originally planned. Rather than following Route 1, I’m taking a northern route. I should be able to […]

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DS & Kanken DS3 Review

I bought both last Saturday. I’m becoming addicted. Kanken is short for kanji kentei, which is the national kanji exam. There are 10 levels: from 10th to 1st kyu. 10th kyu is the level of an early elementary school student. 1st kyu is about the level of a kanji Ph.D. An educated university graduate should be […]

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Going Paleo

I’ve been gluten-free for a month. I feel mentally and physically better. My appetite is stable throughout the day. I can think clearly and concentrate better. My hay fever symptoms are gone. My abs look more ripped than usual. I replaced wheat calories with meat, eggs, chicken, fish, and more vegetables. I still eat rice […]

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