JLPT N3 Pass

I took the annual Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT) in February. I got my results back. I passed Level 3 with an 83 per cent. Advertisements

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Comparing Canada & Japan

After a year of living in Japan, I returned back to Canada to see my family for Christmas. Here are some of the differences I noticed in Canada: Women have more curves and like to reveal them. Many  women wear tight fitting jeans or low cut shirts. The average cup size must be two sizes bigger. In […]

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Starting Skateboarding

I started skateboarding in fall 1999. I was 15. I was living in St. John’s, Newfoundland. I remember seeing skateboarders by Memorial University and the Avalon Mall. They were doing tricks and having fun. It looked cool to see the board pop off the ground. It’s like it was stuck to their feet. The flip […]

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  Poutines are one of the most popular foods on the Canadian East Coast. A Poutine is made with French fries, cheese curds and gravy but sometimes people add other ingredients like fried chicken or bacon. You can get the generic poutines at almost any fast-food chain on the East Coast. This French Canadian food […]

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Starting Japanese

I started learning Japanese in 2003. It was a cold and snowy winter day. I was trading Onimusha for Final Fantasy X with a classmate at the King’s College Karate Club after class. He mentioned he was also taking Japanese classes. He suggested I should take them, too. “They’re free!” he said several times. “All you have […]

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