End of Hiatus

2016 was a hard year for me. This is the main reason I haven’t posted. Work became busy. I faced more responsibility and demands with little compensation in return. I matured (more like aged) from the experience. I started seriously thinking about my future and long term goals, e.g.,

  • more rewarding and lucrative ways of teaching
  • where to live
  • Japanese translation projects
  • starting a small business
  • continuing my education
  • taking Japanese carpentry classes
  • becoming proficient in Korean
  • earning more money for—

That sounds like enough, but the real catastrophe of 2016 was a ten year relationship coming to an end. I’ve heard times like these are the best times to write or make art. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the strength or clarity to do so. Well, I’m back now, and my goal is to post monthly.


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