Getting iPhone 6s

My wife and I headed to SoftBank to check the new iPhones. It was the day after they were released in Japan. The Twitterers in Japan said stores all over were out of stock. We were both using Galaxies (Note 3 and S4) on Docomo. Both contracts were about to end.

We were SoftBank iPhone users in the past (3Gs and 4s for me; 4 and 5 for her). We switched to Android two years ago. We liked Samsung’s hardware but were annoyed with Android OS. Common tasks we did in iOS were troublesome on Android.

The good? Our Galaxies were light, had removable batteries and even micro SD cards (never used either of the latter two though). They also had big displays with small bezels.

The bad? Samsung and especially Docomo fattened the phones with bloatware. Docomo never bothered offering updates for Android nor TouchWiz, so our devices were always suboptimal for their hardware.

The ugly? TouchWiz… And on top of ugly it was laggy. We wanted to switch back to iOS for the user experience we once enjoyed as iPhone users.

Moments after walking into SoftBank early on a Sunday morning, the staff welcomed us to sit down. They told us they had the iPhone 6s in stock. We later found out this was only for carrier switchers, i.e., people quitting another carrier to join SoftBank. We both wanted the 6s 64 GB in space grey but on different monthly plans. The plan I wanted would be 6,800 yen a month for ten months; then 7,300 until the end of the two year contract. It would be 7,300 and 7,800 for my wife. We both signed two year contracts.


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