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In October 2013, I bought my first Android device, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Its thin bezels, 5.7 inch 1080p display, and slim size caught my attention months before its release. Many Androids were touting 5 inch screens and 1080p displays. They were bigger and had better resolutions than the iPhone 5 and 5S of the era. The specs were better, but I knew not to care when comparing different OS devices.

I used Macintosh computers at school when I was a kid. I always felt seamlessly connected to them. My Windows experience was blue screens, restarting, freezing, and frustration. In 2013, my mid 2007 MacBook Pro had worse specs than all the new mid to high end Windows PCs. Yet, it was running smooth, fast, and problem free in comparison to my Windows OS user friends. Even now in fall 2015, it’s still running smooth! Can Windows OS users say this about their experience of an eight year old laptop? I don’t think so. Apple devices are optimized for their hardware. Don’t worry about their specs. Try them. Test them. Love them.

Back to iPhones. I felt the same when I recently took out my four year old iPhone 4s. I was comparing it to my Note 3. I bought my 4s in 2011, two years before my Note 3. It’s ancient by modern smartphone life cycles. However, to my surprise, it still looks and works beautifully. I was more surprised that it often works smoother than my Note 3. Taking pictures in iOS is quick and snappy, even on my old 4s. I never missed shots due to OS lag, unresponsive taps, etc. Also, the Android shutter in Japan is embarrassingly loud and sounds terrible. Another headache is switching input languages in Android. In iOS it’s just one click, with a beautiful and uniform interface. With Android, you have to go into the settings and load a third party keyboard.

The iPhone 6s is scheduled for release at the end of September. My Note 3 contract finishes at the end of October. I’ll be using an iPhone 6s before November.


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