Squatty Potty

Despite knowing the benefits of squatting to do a number two for many years, I usually sit to do my business. When you look at the mechanics of it, you’ll be surprised how inefficient the sitting position is. Yes, it’s more comfortable than squatting, but what’s your goal here? You shouldn’t be getting comfortable to watch a movie on your iPad. Get it done quickly and efficiently. Squatting is the best position for this, and it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds.

Ever hear of perch pooping? What? I lift up the seat on my home toilet, undress my bottom half, squat down on the seat… you know the rest. Don’t try this at home. You have to balance yourself on a thin surface in a squat position. It’s not so easy.

I’m planning to improve this process. I’m going to make a low platform to place in front of the toilet. I’ll stand on this platform, then squat over the toilet.

Here and here are better articles about this topic.


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