Fuji TV Propaganda

This is my rushed translation of this Huffington Post Japan article. There may be errors and I’ll welcome corrections.

Japanese netizens have been criticizing Fuji TV for an incident that occurred on IKEGAMI Akira Kinkyuu Special, aired on 5 JUN 2015. The special featured a segment of on-the-street interviews with South Koreans in Seoul. The special was said to be discussing mysteries of South Korea (Shitteiru you de shiranai, Kankoku no nazo).

A segment of the show was dedicated to finding the roots of Korea’s anti-Japan sentiments. “Why does Korea hate Japan so much?” was one of the questions. The third interviewee from the on-the-street interviews was a high school student.  Her subtitles said, “We hate Japan because they did terrible things to us (during the colonial era) .”

The Huffington Post Japan editorial department checked the original clip. KOH Yongi of Daily NK spotted the error and tweeted the correction, i.e., what should have been in the subtitles. The problem was, the interviewee’s statement in the original Korean interview was drastically different from what appeared on the subtitled and dubbed Japanese version . The high school student’s actual statement was, “There is a lot of culture, and there seems to be a lot of foreign people visiting…”

This is quite different from the special’s “We hate Japan…” statement.

This has prompted some in Japan to start a petition and gather signatures against Fuji TV through change.org (see here; J). Commenters on the site are saying “No More Lies,” and “The media is not a tool to promote hate and lies against other countries or people…”

The special discusses a few other issues, e.g., theories about why the two countries have trouble getting along today, and how the colonial era has affected current attitudes.

It’s sad to see the media doing this. Young Japanese and Koreans don’t feel hatred towards one another. Why is the media manipulating the public to hate? Many countries were guilty of this at times of war in the past. Creating an enemy makes it easier to fight. However, it’s disgusting for a government to do so today We should be promoting friendship and trade, not nationalism. I think nationalism is on par with racism. It’s different from patriotism, though these words are actually the same in Japanese, i.e., aikokushin. Many of the commenters, Korean and Japanese, are bashing Fuji TV. It’s now another channel for me to disable from my TV.


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