Two Months After Switching to Colemak

I made my first post about Colemak (C) two months ago. I still occasionally use Qwerty (Q) on my work computer when a task is too short and not worth booting up Portable Colemak (app).

First, I should say I cannot type one handed with C at all! So if I’m taking notes with a pen in one hand, or using a mobile device, Q is my go to keyboard. So that means, I’m probably using C for at least 70% of my typing time. Let’s get to my review.

C is better suited for touch typing in English. Most Q typists don’t truly touch type. I didn’t. You probably don’t either. We have to use all kinds of hacks to accommodate for the layout’s shortcomings—not so with C. The biggest difference I noticed is I feel a lot calmer and more focused when using C. There is a lot less random finger movement, and I really do feel what this keyboard often touts, “Your fingers travel less.” It may not feel so at the beginning, but you’ll definitely feel so once you can type comfortably.

Most people are only interested in speed though. So far, I’m still faster on Q… even though it feels like chaos to me. My fingers being all over the place… yet I can type accurately. It’s a weird stressor for me. C, however, feels calmer and more comfortable. The speed on C is something I expect to come with time though. I mean, I typed on Q for over 25 years! I’ve only been using C for two months. So despite my typing speed being cut in half, I feel Colemak is the best layout for typing on a physical keyboard in English.


2 thoughts on “Two Months After Switching to Colemak

  1. Thank you for sharing! I too have >25 years of typing on Q and I eye to flip to C (earlier I was thinking of Dvorak but it just looks too scary). You have encouraged me to try to make the switch, I’ll start during my summer holidays.


    1. The beginning is the hardest part. After consistent practice on Colemak, you’ll get used to it, then prefer it! Don’t worry about speed. Just try to enjoy it. The speed will come with time.


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