Health & Wellness Manifesto

I try to meet all of these points every day.

  • at least 10 minutes of sunlight exposure; less clothing is better; worst case scenario, a vitamin D supplement
  • no blue light from electronic devices at night; I try to go completely off by 9:00 pm
  • movement or exercise (any of the following: walk around the neighborhood; a few 50 meter sprints; skateboarding; lifting weights, push ups, pull ups, or squats
  • at least one serving of kimchi or some fermented vegetable, e.g., ‘kraut
  • staying away from wheat products and processed industrial foods as much as possible
  • a good piece of animal protein or at least a fish oil supplement
  • green time (time around plants, e.g., my veranda garden or the local park)

The points I break most are sunlight exposure and blue light. The former because I work indoors, so it’s hard to get outside for more than a few minutes during the midday sun. The latter because I spend  too much time watching YouTube, studying Japanese and Korean, and reading articles on my computer.


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