Japan’s Propaganda in Print

If you live in Japan, you’ve probably noticed an increase of Japan is Great ads and TV specials in the last few years. I’ve also noticed there are more chauvinistic books spreading the same message. Let’s have a look at some of the titles.


1. JAPAN CLASS – Collection of foreign reactions from Japan’s voyeurism sites.
2. The US and China’s Arrogance and Lies
3. Anti-Japanese Korea’s Self-Destruction Has Begun
4. There is No Future for Anti-Japanese Korea
5. Japan, Respected by the World
6. Shameful Korea Written by a Korean
7. The Birth of Asian Hegemon Japan
8. Evil Korea
9. Tried Living in the UK, Japan, France and America: Japan was the best place for me.
10. Japan is Nearly a Utopia From a UK Perspective
11. I Have Lived in Europe. Japan wins by 9 to 1.
12. Why Muslims Respect Japan.


13. Thank You for Fighting for Us, Japan. Japan Praised by Asia
14. True Reasons This Briton Living in Japan Does Not Return to the UK
15. China: Defeated by Japan and Ostracized by the World
16. Japan is Ahead of the UK by 50 Years
17. Why is Japan Beloved by Asian Countries?
18. Big Lies of Anti-Japanese History that Curses Japan
19. Japan’s War; It Was Righteous: The Facts China and Korea Want to Hide
20. American Occupation that Prevented Japan from Rising up Again
21. The Japanese: Why are we so different from the Chinese and Koreans?
22. 33 things that Japan Can Show off to the World
23. Why is Japan Respected by the World?
24. The Japanese are Fundamentally Different from the Chinese and Koreans.


[Source for images and title translations here.]

Seeing titles like these will leave you with a strange taste in your mouth. As someone concerned about the social and political future of Japan, I start to speculate about the potential damage such titles could cause. I can’t imagine such titles being published in my country of birth, Canada. I think most Canadians would oppose such an ultra nationalist stance. Anything that can be seen as nationalism (ahem, propaganda) just ain’t cool. Why is this happening in Japan now? Is Japan becoming more insecure about it’s image? Why do people feel compelled to tell each other how great their country is? This is what makes me more suspicious of the media recently. What good is it to shout on a megaphone how wonderful your country is? A beautiful woman does not have to tell everyone she’s beautiful.


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