Colemak Keyboard Layout

I became interested in Colemak after hearing Matt Mullenweg talk about it on the Tim Ferriss podcast. I thought, since I spend a decent amount of my time typing on a keyboard, why not learn a better designed and more efficient keyboard layout? I’ve always felt my fingers were all over the place, e.g., a lot of vertical movement when using the QWERTY layout. QWERTY doesn’t make good use of the home bar (where your fingers should rest), and it doesn’t feel ideal for touch typing. I know it’ll be hard to move away from the ubiquity of QWERTY, but this is the start of my journey.

I started using this tutorial service first. After getting a general sense of the home bar, I decided to go cold turkey. I went from 60 wpm on QWERTY to 10 wpm on Colemak, but I feel more comfortable and less strain. Remapping my keyboard’s caps lock to backspace was useful. It saves me a lot of strain, and I never use the caps lock anyways. I reclaimed this valuable keyboard real estate for a key I’ll be using a lot in the near future.


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