Blogger to WordPress

I started a blog, D’S HYPE, on Blogger many many years ago when I first moved to Japan. At that point, Blogger had not been acquired by Google yet. I think it was a decent platform and it continued to get better after becoming one of Google’s many acquisitions, e.g., YouTube. I know, it’s hard to imagine them as separate now. I’ve grown a little tired of Blogger and recently became interested and attracted to WordPress after listening to the Matt Mullenweg episode on the Tim Ferriss podcast.

My main reason for moving away from Blogger was the UI and themes on WordPress look better. They seem lighter, and the code is cleaner. For the time being, I will keep my original blog D’S HYPE alive on Blogger. I’ll do all my posts here to get used to the interface. After a few months of posting, I’ll decide which to ax.


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