I’ve always enjoyed making things with wood. When I was a kid, I used to make swords and shields in my grandfather’s basement. He often scolded me because he didn’t like me playing with his power tools. Now, I’m going on 31 and making furniture like shelves and tables.

I restarted woodworking a few years ago because I wanted wooden furniture, but everything in stores I liked was prohibitively expensive. I thought, “I could make this!” And I so did. Now that I’ve been making furniture, I’ve noticed it’s therapeutic. It’s relaxing and slows down my mind. I’ve been increasing my basic tool collection over the last few years. My first major purchase was a Ryobi power drill. My most recent purchase was a Kreg Jig Mini. So far I’ve used it for raised garden beds, reinforcing sliding drawers, and joining boards together.

My next project will be more technical and require more tools. I’m going to make a simple farmhouse table. I need an orbit sander to smooth the surfaces. I’m going to keep the wood’s natural color and finish it with polyurethane.

There’s something appealing to me about using your own handmade furniture at home. Your piece will always look original and have its own character. Your pieces are also great conversation topics when you have company.


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