Guys Learning Japanese Podcast

Nick and I started working together about six months ago. Soon after meeting, we both noticed one of the ways we relate is our devotion and commitment to learning Japanese. Since we’re both students of the language and often talk about our study experience, we thought it may be useful to make a podcast of our guided conversations. The Guys Learning Japanese podcast is available via RSSiTunes, and YouTube. Search results should appear directly in your iOS Podcast app if you search GLJ.

We’re planning to do at least ten episodes on various topics. So far we’ve talked about study tools, motivation, leveling up, kanji, frustration, etc. In the future we hope to be doing Q&A, i.e., answering the questions listeners send us, and answering them on the show.

This podcast may be useful for you if you’re a beginner, but it’ll probably be more entertaining if you’re intermediate or advanced. We will not be teaching you how to introduce yourself in Japanese, nor how to order in a restaurant. This podcast is literally two guys talking about learning Japanese. If you’re learning Japanese, think of it as a conversation that you may benefit from overhearing. Listen to the podcast while you’re folding your laundry, commuting, or doing something that permits multitasking. The same episodes are also available on YouTube, so you can play them as background noise while you’re browsing the web.

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