I got a PS3. I’m looking forward to replaying some classic PlayStation games made by Square. I’ve already bought and started FF6. MGS4 is on my list of actual PS3 games to play. Any other suggestions?

I started surfing. My friend invited me and lent me a board and wetsuit. I managed to ride some really tough waves on my first day. I want to get my own board and go at least once a week this summer—I won’t be neglecting skateboarding either.

I got the details for my JLPT N1 exam. I’ll be taking it at Seijoh University, which is in Tōkai City (about one hour from Nagoya). I’ve barely studied since my previous post. I’m not expecting a high grade, maybe not even a pass. Work has been busier than ever, so it’s hard to focus on studying recently.

After wanting a power drill for a few years, I’ve finally decided to splurge and buy a proper one. I’ll be using it to make shelves, tables, cabinets, etc. I’m also planning to buy a power saw within the next few weeks. I should probably get it after the N1 exam.


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