JLPT N1 Prep

I’m goint to take the Japanese JLPT N1 exam this summer—ready or not. I have three friends that passed N1. In chronological order they are a Chinese guy, a fluent in English German guy, and a Taiwanese-American girl. They all told me, “You’ll be fine,” and “It’ll be easy for you.”

I started a new Anki deck for N1 vocabulary. The studying has been going really well. I’m studying and learning new words quickly. It’s much more enjoyable than my Heisig RtK1 deck. I added show furigana on rollover plug-in, so I won’t be able to see the reading of the kanji unless I put my cursor on them. This help me to remember the kanji compounds and not just remember the furigana. After I feel confident with my N1 vocabulary deck, I’ll take a mock test.


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