I’ve decided to take the Japanese N1 exam this summer—ready or not. I have three friends that passed N1. In chronological order they are a Chinese guy, a fluent in English German guy, and a Taiwanese-American girl. They’ve all told me, “You’ll be fine,” and “It’ll be easy for you.” I hope that’s not tatemae.

Recently I put my Anki RtK1 study (jōyō kanji) on hold, and I started a new Anki deck for N1 vocabulary. So far the studying has been going really well and quite quickly, much more enjoyable than RtK1. The only time consuming part is adding the data to the decks. I’m really glad for Anki’s Japanese Support. I also added show furigana on rollover, so I won’t be able to see the reading of the kanji unless I put my cursor on them. This should force me to remember the compounds, rather than use furigana as a crutch.

After I become proficient in my N1 vocabulary, I’ll take a mock test. I bought a few mock tests in late winter 2012, but I haven’t looked at them since… The last thing I plan to study is grammar. I may skip it if I do well on the mock tests.


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