Comparison of Locals at Nagoya & Hong Kong Airports

Though I was only in the HK airport for four hours, I noticed several things about the local people. I’m going to compare the HK and Chūbu Centrair (Nagoya) airports.

  • HK has much simpler fashion and hairstyles for both men and women.
  • The average HK man is not as metrosexual as in Nagoya. HK men seem to dress practically, yet fashionably. There are no questionable fashion statements.
  • Most women at the HK airport had long, undyed, natural hair. In Nagoya this is very rare.
  • A lot less makeup in HK. Again, the women appear very basic and natural. In Nagoya women rarely leave the house without full makeup
  • UK English diction
  • HK workers socialize a lot with coworkers while at work. This is rare in Nagoya.

I liked the simplicity and appearance of calmness of the HK women.


2 thoughts on “Comparison of Locals at Nagoya & Hong Kong Airports

  1. The problem with your experiment is that you're questions/observations come from a Nagoya-centered point of view. Your questions will therefore be tainted.


  2. Afraid I have to work from my own anecdotal information here of relationships with Japanese, HK, and second-gen HK women:
    – the Japanese were far more likely to let you 'get a leg over', but harder to get to know: second date!
    – the HK women were the opposite, and you may have to spend more going out: fifth date, or never!
    – second-gen HK women were all over the map


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