Japanese Composition & Translation

If you haven’t heard about the recent Tohoku earthquake that happened in Japan last week, I’m curious to know what you’ve been up to—seriously.

I’ve correspondence for my school because of the sensationalism occurring with foreign news. We’ve gotten a lot a emails from our sister city. The parents in the sister city are quite concerned about their eighth graders annual visit to Japan in June. Their reaction is like the Japanese islands have been infected by a virus like in Resident Evil, and has Godzilla atta

I’ve done very little English to Japanese translation. This correspondence is becoming a great learning experience for me. After translating the documents, a local teacher proofreads my Japanese drafts. It’s great having an assistant.

Update 2011-04-21 The group of students and chaperones who were supposed to visit decided to not cancel, but to postpone their trip until Japan is deemed safe.


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