Deactivating Facebook

I deactivated my Facebook account. Here were some of my reasons:

  • privacy and security issues
  • inflexible for sharing pics with non-users
  • time waster & productivity killer
  • addictive
  • makes you lazy to meet people in person
  • annoying status updates
  • group and event invitations
  • FarmVille, Mafia Wars, gifts, pokes, and so on
  • friendship requests from strangers
  • information overload

After deactivating, I felt relieved and less pressure to check my computer or smartphone.


4 thoughts on “Deactivating Facebook

  1. Well you know what I think about Facebook already. It's good for self marketing, socialization and getting the pulse of a group. But I don't take it seriously. I use it to stay in touch with my friends and family back home
    more than anything. There are ways to compartmentalize tour
    friends and stuff on FB so some things are private to just a
    few people and some are public. Also I've had no problem sharing sharing pix and video to peeps outside of FB, but I keep my blogs and Twitter rolling for that. Simply 'cause I OWN them and not FB. That's the real scary part.


  2. @J7 Blogs, Twitter and FB? Just those three sound like a pretty busy online schedule. I understand about the marketing. FB drove a lot of traffic to my blog, but very rarely did these visitors contribute or comment on my posts. Hopefully my posts served some use to them. But, by cutting FB I haven't lost anything. I've gained time, which is truly valuable. Will all the time you spend on FB really matter in five or ten years? It won't for me, which is why I signed out.


  3. via email from SteveB

    When FB first became mainstream, I remember how practically nobody posted status updates. Soon after came Twitter, which was pretty much all about that, then FB changed their layout to be more Twitter-like, emphasizing status updates as the most “in your face” feature [a new home page layout at the time exclusively showed status updates if I remember correctly]. It took a little while, but eventually everyone was “status updating” [even though before the overhaul, there was definite hate on Twitter-style communication]. In this sense, “idiot users” have definitely stood out more.
    FB is definitely a very particular community…
    I'm the kind of person who doesn't seek attention, but at the same time acknowledge the fact that I need some sort of online presence. However, I just don't see my updates fitting in with the others on there.
    I must say I'm also a fan of meaningful / educational updates, rather than obscure, undecipherable updates (I poked fun at this in a fb update yesterday actually. No comments or “likes” were placed on it)
    I've only had a few friend requests from people I don't know actually. Some people choose to use FB as a networking tool, but how they determine that they want to connect to someone they know nothing about since they have a locked down profile, I don't know..

    When you say that FB should have been more tightly administered, what do you mean? I personally think it's /too/ strictly administered in the sense that you can do pretty much nothing to customize your own profile. Well, aside from adding applications to your profile which require ALL your personal information for who knows what reason…



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