Learn a New Skill

Every season I try to learn something new. My goal for fall 2009 was to work on my kimchi, to make it as much as possible for practice. I’ve been making it since Summer 2009, but still have trouble. I’ve discovered several different ways to make kimchi. I’m having trouble getting a consistent taste. Even if I stick to the same recipe, there’s always something a little off.

Winter 2009 was bonsai keeping. I wanted to practice some kind of art. I’ve had bonsai in the past, all gifts from my mother during grade school. I liked trees, but I was too young to appreciate it as an art at the time. Now I have a Japanese maple on my balcony and I prune it when necessary. It’s a beautiful art and it is something I plan to continue.

My current goal, Spring 2010, is to learn how to draw basic characters. I’m horrible at drawing. It’s something that I was never able to do. In grade school I used to draw sharks and swords a lot, but I could draw people well. I have been learning how to draw for a few weeks now. I’m learning to draw in the manga-style, after all, I am in Japan. I’ve made some progress.


One thought on “Learn a New Skill

  1. I'm sure you will learn fast how to draw… it's in our family on my mother side (your mémére Borris) ha! ha! et oui je me souvien lorsque toi et André dessinais des “guns” des armes de toutes sorte with dead people (stick men) every where of course ha1 ha! keep up the good work
    tante Lise


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