1 Week Off Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

I was inspired to try this thanks to my recent purchase of Tim Ferris’ The Four Hour Workweek.


No Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube for one week.


Waste less time on meaningless tasks and use new-found time productively.


Good. I resisted all initial urges. I have one day left.


One of the ideas in 4HWW was to batch tasks. Rather than checking your Facebook and Twitter updates several times a day, batch ’em. Check once a day; better yet, once a week. You won’t miss anything important. Trust me. If it’s important enough, people will call or text. SNS are great and convenient for staying in touch with friends far from home. However, there are downsides. Are your Facebook friends really your friends? Are friends’ Twitter status updates like I’m going grocery shopping really essential for your well-being? People feel more connected via SNS. But I think it may actually be the opposite: Quantity vs. quality.


YouTube is great; amazingly useful, but can also be a major time eater. I recommend you to batch your YouTube sessions, unless what you’re viewing is educational or personally meaningful. Watching guys get hit in the nuts with a tennis ball AMV-style doesn’t count. College girls in panties shaking their ass on webcam to Gucci Mane in their bedroom, neither. A time limit may also work, e.g., 30 min./day.

Productivity & Freedom

Rant With the new-found time, I was able to accomplish many more tasks than usual at work and home. I’ve found time to read books I wanted to read and time to study Japanese again. I actually wasn’t that busy in the first place. The meaningless tasks were eating my time and distracting me from the important. Isn’t it strange that by restricting and disciplining, you feel more free?


One thought on “1 Week Off Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

  1. 1. I should include that I signed into Facebook on my iPhone at a wedding party (day 3) to show some friends a pic of my turtles. (They were asking)

    2. I uploaded pics of the party to Facebook via Picasa. I did NOT sign in.

    3. I used YouTube a few times for educational purposes: Google Adwords tutorial/seminar. NOT a waste of time.

    That's it. All of these exceptions are fine, since no time was wasted.


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