New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made any resolutions for for 2010? Here are mine. It’s better to have less NYRs so you can focus better on what’s essential. This list is just a rough draft of everything I would like to improve. I’ll probably only follow through with the top three that make the biggest positive difference in my life.

  • drink at least 1.2L of water/day (water only—does not include tea)
  • study Japanese for at least 30 min./day, 5 times/week (start after I get my JLPT results in Feb)
  • stretch for at least 5 min./day before bed
  • experiment with at least 3 glasses of wine/week (preferably red)
  • exercise 3 times/week
  • run once/week (100-200M sprints at high intensity)
  • practice an art (I decided on bonsai: miniature tree cultivation)

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Update

    All goals have been kept so far, except for studying Japanese. I passed N2 of the exam, but haven't studied at all since I got my results (first week of FEB).

    The stretching is not always before bed; in fact, I'm rarely doing it before bed. I'm doing it at random points during the day.


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