Best Purchases of 2009

I wanted to narrow it down to top five, but there were some extra items that I had to include. In order of date of purchase, here are my best purchases of 2009:
250万人の漢検プレミアム for DS. The most complete kanji textbook, portable and designed to keep ADHD kids focused on study—so you know it’ll work for adults. About 3,500 yen.
Air cleaner by Daikin. It removes pollen, allergens, dust, viruses, bacteria and etc. from the air. I live next to a busy street with no trees in the area. All of it’s functions are automatic, increasing power when dust and etc. levels are high. On sale for about 25,000 yen.
Kotatsu from Nitori. No central heating in Japan. And, since Japanese homes aren’t insulated, it’s not very effective to use heaters. A kotatsu will heat a critical cold point of your body—your feet! If your feet are warm, for some reason, the rest of your body will be comfortable. Kotasus are also very cheap on electricity. Using an AC will add around 3000 yen or more per month during the winter to your electricity bill if you use it a little bit each day. My kotatsu will add 1000 yen per month if it’s left on 24/7. Total set, including 2 blankets & 2 chairs: about 20,000 yen.
HeatTech long sleeve undershirts from Uniqlo. Incredible technology to keep you warm & dry, while wearing an incredibly light material that can stretch but doesn’t change form. 1,500 yen. (The one you see here is dirty laundry. Sorry.)
Premium Down Ultra Light jacket from Uniqlo. In addition to the title, it’s warm & waterproof. Most impressive feature: it can be compacted to fit into a sock without any damage to its original form! 6,000 yen.
Water bottle by Rubbermaid. Water is so important for good health, yet most people don’t drink enough water per day. Buying bottled water every day is not only expensive and bad for the environment, but it’s also gay (no not homosexual); something fags do (again no, not homosexuals).This water bottle has a simple design so it’s easy to clean, making it sanitary for long term use. 1,000 yen.
iPhone 3GS provided by SoftBank. I would have to give this my overall top spot. It’s an amazing piece of technology. I am VERY satisfied with it. See here. Free for new SoftBank customers that sign a 2-year contract.

One thought on “Best Purchases of 2009

  1. Nice post. Makes me want to throw together a best purchases of 2009 blog post as well. Unfortunately though, most of my 2009 was spent jobless and broke as hell… lol

    Maybe I'll do a “4th quarter 2009 to 2nd quarter 2010” post, when the time comes.


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