Dec 2009 Level 2 JLPT

I took the level 3 JLPT in Dec 2006 and passed with an 86%. At this time, I was working for an eikaiwa and was not using Japanese at all work. After changing jobs and working for public schools as an AET, I noticed a huge jump in my Japanese ability. Working in a Japanese environment is much better than just studying or using it in your personal life. Using a language at work and doing presentations can formalize your language.

I took the exam at Nagoya Keizai University. There were so many Chinese people there! To be honest, my exam room was probably 80% Chinese, 15% non-Chinese Asian, and 5% white or mixed-looking. Obviously the Chinese have a major advantage with Japanese thanks to their native writing system.

From what I saw in the level 2 room, a lot of the Chinese had trouble with basic listening and instructions in Japanese. Speaking posed another problem for some. There is no speaking on the exam, but during break times when I was talking to a few people. I noticed they were far from fluent, with even basic conversation.

For the last section, Reading & Grammar, I skipped the reading and did grammar first to ensure easy points quickly. I saved reading for last but ended didn’t have enough time. I just read the questions and guessed accordingly.

For every other section, I’m happy that I could confidently answer a lot of questions. I’m predicting a pass, so I’m looking forward to the results in Feb. I’m guessing I got around a 65 to 75%.


4 thoughts on “Dec 2009 Level 2 JLPT

  1. That's how it ever was… I took the 2kyuu in '04 and the environment was similar. I wouldn't even have taken it if it wasn't for kan-dai's curriculum.

    I learned to read and write Japanese in a classroom, but before that, I learned how to speak on the streets of Osaka. Wouldn't trade my Osaka-ben for 1-kkyu anyday.


  2. After four years in Japan I've never even heard about half of the expressions from my JLPT study. I hear you; the streets is where you learn to speak and take care of yourself.


  3. been all about the streets an never about the books my whole life, not that has got me that far ahead in life or anything, but i'll take being able to communicate verbally with friends over being able to read my way thru a newspaper anyday of the week.

    funny thing one of my friends told me about the test once, its actually easiser for chinese to pass the 1kyu/2kyu than the 3/4kyu…just on the kanji break alone. crazy. Hope u did well D, i'm livin vicariously:p


  4. I'm sure you're right. Japanese gets more similar to Chinese (in terms of writing) as your level goes up.

    And I heard that in one of my friend's advanced classes, the teacher would purposely put some passages in kana only, and make the students choose the appropriate kanji for the whole passage. He said Chinese, for some reason, had a lot of trouble with these exercises.


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