Goodbye Microsoft

Windows Vista has caused a lot of problems for me. These problems have been exacerbated because I’m using the OS in Japanese. I bought a laptop in Japan in late 2006. There was a lot of hype about Vista at the time, especially from retailers. I was wary about using a new OS in a foreign language.

The first problem was I couldn’t change the language interface. The retailer said it would be possible to change in the settings, but I realized afterward, it’s only possible in the Ultimate version.

The next problem happened when trying to connect to the internet. My flatmate had a wireless network set up in our apartment, but the router would not welcome Vista. The problem could not be fixed. I had to buy a 15 meter Ethernet cord, creating clutter from the living room to my bedroom. My flatmate was running XP and enjoying his wireless, high speed, fiber optic internet.

My main problem with the OS was not the bugs or language problems though. The OS was complicated and bloated. It was heavy and demanded so much of your system.

Windows 7 claims to have solved all of these problems. I did a lot of research, and it seemed OK. I visited the Microsoft website in an attempt to download the W7 upgrade. It was another failure. It’s not possible to download the English version from Japan.

I now dual boot my laptop with Ubuntu 9.10, but keep Vista for iTunes and a few other apps. I’ve been using Ubuntu for a few weeks. It’s a lot better than Vista for me. Ubuntu 9.10 is light, simple, has a beautiful interface, and is fast. Whenever I boot using Vista, it’s such a pain to use. It lags and glitches. It’s much easier and stress-free just to use Ubuntu.


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