GEX Mega Power 9012 Canister Filter Review

My turtles are getting bigger and bigger. My filtration system hasn’t been able to keep the water clean. Making daily water changes and skimming the water with a scoop whenever I pass by is a pain.

Yesterday I splurged and bought the best from the local home center. I bought the GEX Mega Power 9012, designed for tanks of 90-120 cm (or 150-300 l). My tank isn’t so big, but specialists say three times the filtration of a fish tank is recommended for turtles. So, if your tank is 20 liters, get a 60 liter filter.

After two days of using the filter, I’m quite impressed. The water is very clean. It looks drinkable! The only problems I have with it are:

  • it’s a little noisy, so I turn it off at night
  • it’s heavy and big

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