Monkey & Lizard Experience

I was lucky to have this animal experience. It happened on my way to Ogaki, Gifu. Darren and I were riding our bikes on Route 258. I saw something in the distance, between a forest and a field. It was a wild monkey. I got off my bike and followed it. As I got closer, I noticed it was carrying something. It had an armful of limes. When it noticed me, it got scared and dropped a few limes on the ground. It tried to pick them up but dropped others in the process. I approached the monkey, staring into its eyes. I read somewhere you shouldn’t do this with wild monkeys. It can make them feel threatened and they may attack. The monkey ran away. It left some of the limes on the ground. I picked them up and started eating them. They were so delicious.

I also got to touch a lizard somewhere between Gifu and Shiga. It was on a trail in the mountains. I saw it on the ground and picked it up. It squirmed out of my hands and ran away into the forest. The lizard was about 30 cm long, with a black back and golden/copper sides.

This was enough for me to accomplish my third goal.


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