New Workout Plan

I am posting this pic because I want to document the progress and changes in my body based on activity level (and diet). Once a week I will report my activity level, and once a month I will post a pic. This is kind of my before pic.

I started working out again yesterday. My workout for the last few months has been mainly sports: soccer, basketball, running, swimming, biking (for transportation) and etc. And JFYI, I play sports for fun, not to workout. In terms of actual purpose specific exercise, I have been doing very infrequent and inconsistent workouts at the park by my house; variations of chin ups, dips, push ups, squats and etc. But this was once a week at most.

My new workout plan is to train hard more frequently with a program I designed, which is kind of similar to P90x, but more specific for the sports I play and results I want. I usually don’t workout in the summer in Japan because it’s way too hot/humid and I don’t like using the AC. Now the heat/humidity is getting bearable so I started up again.

Yesterday was my workout day 2: plyometrics with Jumpsoles + soccer.


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