Training Again

I started working out again yesterday. My workout for the last few months has been mainly sports. I play soccer, basketball, go running, go swimming, and ride my bike for transportation. I play sports for fun. I don’t consider them training. In terms of purpose specific exercise, I have been doing infrequent and inconsistent calisthenic workouts at the local park. I do chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, and squats. I do this once a week.

My new workout plan is to train more frequently. I made a workout schedule. The heat and humidity are decreasing, so it’s more comfortable to train now. I did plyometrics with Jumpsoles and practiced lifting with a soccer ball yesterday. I try to keep the ball in the air with my feet. When I can reach ten kicks, that’s one set. I do ten sets of this. It’s hard for me because I have no skill at playing soccer.


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