Summer Goals

Here are my summer goals:

  1. climb Mt. Fuji
  2. ride my bike to Kyōto (about 120 km)
  3. have an animal experience

I’ll try to accomplish the second one next week. I’m taking a slightly longer but safer route than originally planned. Rather than following Route 1, I’m taking a northern route. I should be able to see Lake Biwa this way. My friend told me this way is more scenic, and there are less hills and traffic. The journey should take about one or two days. I’m going with a Canadian friend.

For number three, I was planning to hunt, kill, and eat a wild boar, but my critics cried in outrage. I also realized it might be more dangerous than expected. I might catching and eating a fish. I’ve never been fishing in Japan. Visiting the turtle park in Shizuoka is another option.


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