DS & Kanken DS3 Review

I bought both of these items last Saturday and I can’t stop playing, or should I say studying…

First off, kanken is short for kanji kentei 漢字検定 – meaning kanji exam. There are 10 kyus; 10th to 1st kyu (kyu = grade, level). These levels measure your kanji ability. 10th kyu is about the level of an early elem. student, while 1st kyu is about the level of a kanji Ph.D. An educated university graduate should be able to have a 3rd kyu level.

The Kanken DS3 game is great for learning kanji and prepping for the kanken. IMHO it is so much better than studying kanji from a textbook. Here are some reasons why:

  • portable & compact; the amount of info and exercises held on this game would amount to a few backpacks of textbooks
  • it’s fun and it doesn’t feel like you’re studying, which is the natural way to learn
  • the guidance you get from this game would amount to 1000s of dollars in lessons (FYI the game was $25)
  • you can gradually increase your level; the game displays charts that analyze your abilities and tackles them accordingly
  • 10 min. mach and 40 min. actual test simulations

2 thoughts on “DS & Kanken DS3 Review

  1. Wow sa sonne comme une bizard the “game” just the name ha! ha! but si tu as du fun avec sa…je me demande si sa existe par ici?

    have a great week!

    Tante Lise


  2. Actually no I don't think it's available outside of Japan. You need to be able to read Japanese to play it. You can however play it on any DS. If you're interested let me know. A third language might be fun for you 🙂


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