Japanese High School – 6/6 – Relationships with Teachers

A lot of my free time was spent socializing with the teachers, not just English teachers, but of other subjects, too. It was great practice for my Japanese (and French, keep reading). Everyone at this school was nice and laid-back.


English teacher, homeroom teacher, and in charge of the juniors. He had one of the highest English conversation levels at the school. He lived in Cleveland for a few years. His English was clear and easy to understand. He really liked food, especially milk, in the USA. Many Japanese who study abroad tend to hang out with only Japanese, but he had only American and Mexican friends while in the USA. He played hockey and also learned Spanish during his stay. He also travelled to Peru. He said that being able to interact and communicate with the locals is the best feeling when traveling to a foreign place.


Math teacher. His desk was next to mine. We chatted every day. He liked joking around and having fun. He was always ordering different types of test your intelligence puzzles and games. He always made me try them, too. He loved One Piece. He collected and read them daily. He lent me two books a week. He said I had do finish them within that time. He would quiz me on those two books before he gave me the next two. This was great Japanese reading comprehension practice. I really tried hard to finish them every week just to do well in his Q&A session. His questions were always in English though. He wanted to practice his English.


Japanese teacher. She sat at the desk behind me. Great personality, smart, interesting, funny, very proper, and beautiful. She always seemed so pure. She taught me a lot of useful Japanese expressions, too. She loved the manga Slam Dunk.

The French Guy

Not a teacher, but he did administrative tasks. Eccentric. He said he couldn’t speak English, but his French was really good. We talked in French whenever we saw each other. It always surprised the other teachers around us. He said he went to France to study art a long time ago. While there, he fell in love with French culture. He often told me about his paintings and his experiences in France. He was a fun person to talk to. He was animated like a French-Canadian.


Another English teacher but not OC1. Friendly and confident speaker. I talked to her a lot. She usually talked about her family. She gave me advice for studying Japanese. She taught me harder expressions and explained them to me in English.


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