Yamada High – Chapter 5 – The School Festival

After I did a week of lessons the students had to start getting ready for the school festival. This is a major event in Japan. They’re usually held in September. All students must participate and do something to contribute to the school festival. The students had about a week to prep. for the festival; meaning I had no classes. I spent the majority of my time walking around the school and joking around with the students. I also did a lot of arm wrestling with the yanki (delinquent youth).

At YHS there were different kinds of performances, games and cultural classes.

For the performances, some were dances that had me thinking these girls definitely watch MTV. The girls danced using sexually provocative moves, wore lots of makeup and dressed in skimpy costumes just like the music videos. The girls actually danced really well, though. Absolutely no complaints!

My favorite performance was a play. The class acted a 20 min. horror on stage in the gym. All the lights were out and the story and music were really creepy. It was extremely well put together; so well that a few girls actually passed out during the climax scene. The story, music and etc. reminded me of Silent Hill.

Most of the games were really similar to the games you would play at an amusement park, only the prizes were lousier. However, the actual games were usually pretty fun. There was a kind of homerun derby, basketball, fishing, diving in a pool of newspapers to find the dragon balls and etc.

The cultural classes were Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, art and etc. I went to the tea ceremony one. They taught us how to drink Japanese matcha the proper-traditional way.

The festival was held on a Friday. And for those who couldn’t attend on Friday could see the exact same show on Saturday. Most parents and students from other schools came on Saturday. I remember this Saturday was really hot and quite a few people passed out from heat stroke.


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