Japanese High School – 4/6 – Going to Work

In the morning, I took the train Tsurumai Line from Shiogama-guchi to Kamiotai. I was going from the east to northwest side of Nagoya. In the mornings, the train was jam packed with salarymen and OLs. Most of them got off between Sakae and Nagoya Station. Near Kamiotai, it was all high schoolers. I nodded and said hi to the students, but I never conversed with them on the train.

I had to plan one lesson per week then teach it twelve times. I had a lot of free time on my hands. Where did I spend my free time? Usually on the school PCs, e.g., Facebook, mixi, and Wikipedia. I studied Japanese and joined other classes when it seemed OK.

When teaching, I did not feel like the assistant at all. I felt I was the main teacher. The Japanese Teacher of English (JTE) was usually on the side and would support me during the lessons. I thought these roles would be reversed. That’s the way it was for junior high school teachers. I didn’t mind. I enjoyed seeming like the main teacher. The JTEs would take attendance and help if anything needed to be explained in Japanese.


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