Japanese High School – 3/6 – First Classes

In Japan, the school year starts in April. I started at this school in September. The previous teacher quit because she wanted to travel around England with her boyfriend. The English Department told me OC1 should always do textbook material for Week 1 and communicative activities for Week 2. It would be a two week cycle from September to March for me.

For my first lesson, they told me I should introduce myself to the students. I printed A4 photos of my family and hometown. I made a questionnaire with fill in the blanks for them to answer. It would be my self introduction and a listening activity. It went well. Some students asked me questions after my introduction.

Do you have a girlfriend?
Are you married?
Is your girlfriend cute?
Do you love her?
Does she love you?
What’s your favorite Japanese food?
Can you eat sushi?
Why did you come to Japan?
Who is your favorite Japanese celebrity?
Do you know Exile?
What is your phone number?

The girlfriend question was the most asked. It was always the first question after my presentation. Most of the questions were asked to me in Japanese, but I always repeated the question in English. I didn’t give my phone number to the student who asked.


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