New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone makes them. Not many follow through with them. I disagree with them. I think as soon as people find a fault or something they should improve, they should take the necessary steps immediately.

BUT, there is no mistake in making goals. Easy and specific goals are the easiest to accomplish. The more vague the easier it is to weasel your way out. A specific reason to accomplish your goals is also useful, and if you can add pressure to them all the better. In my case I told my girlfriend that I would give her 100,000 yen (roughly $1000) if I fail my resolution. The more pressure, the harder I will try to succeed.

I made mine in mid-Dec. and changed them around a bit since then.

  • A 1-drink limit (social events only). I prefer not to have beer but under certain circumstances there are exceptions. Wine, sake and similar drinks are the preferred choice. REASON: Alcohol has a serious effect on people who are active. It dehydrates you, reduces your muscle content and impairs performance on a variety of tasks.
  • To study Japanese for at least 30 min. every day after school or before bed. If I skip a day it’s double the next day. REASON: To prepare for the N2 of the JLPT this summer. The N2 is the second highest grade of Japanese proficiency; N1 being the highest.
  • To save 10,000 yen (roughly $100) per month. REASON: I never saved before just because I was always making huge payments on my student loan. The loss in interest rates outweighed the benefits of a savings account. However, the interest rates have fallen with $CAD while the Japanese yen has risen— allowing me to have a bit more flexibility with my money. Also, I’m having surgery in March and it should cost between 200,000-300,000 yen (roughly $2000-3000) with insurance. Savings are always great for emergencies and compulsive shopping sprees.
I also began many other changes of personal development. They can not really be included in NYRs but they are personal goals. They include: decluttering, HST-specific training, drinking lots of water (2L/day), no coffee (I never liked or drank coffee before but it’s offered to me all the time in Japan; from now on I will just politely decline) and checking my inbox only once per day. REASON: because I’m trying to be as productive and as effective as possible in all areas of life and work. Actually, I’m not sure if that’s a reason but it is my goal.

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