New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone makes them. Not many follow through with them. I disagree with them. I think as soon as people find a fault or something they should improve, they should take the necessary steps immediately.

Make your goals specific. A specific reason to accomplish them can motivate you more. If you can add pressure on yourself to accomplish them, do so. In my case, I told my girlfriend that I would give her 100,000 yen (roughly $1000) if I failed my resolution. The more pressure, the harder you will try to succeed. The other person will also keep track of you because they want the reward for your failure.

Here’s the list I made in December:

Drink Limit

I prefer not to drink, but I occasionally like to have wine, sake, soju, or makgeolli with friends. Sometimes when having fun, it can get out-of-hand. If I’m meeting different groups of friends a few times a week, I’ll find myself drinking more nights than not. Two or three drinks two or three times a week adds up. Alcohol has a serious effect on people, especially those who are active. It’s dehydrating, reduces explosive muscle output, and reduces testosterone levels. So, if I’m drinking with friends, I’ll limit myself to one drink per night.

Japanese for 30

I’ll study Japanese for at least 30 minutes immediately after work every day. If I skip a day, I owe double the next day. I’m preparing for the JLPT N2 this summer.

Save 10,000

I’m going to start saving 10,000 yen per month. I couldn’t save before because I was making big student loan payments monthly. The loss of money because of my loan’s interest rates would be much bigger than any gain from the interest rates of a savings account. The Japanese to Canadian exchange rate works in my favor now though. I can make bigger payments in Canadian dollars with less yen. I want to have a little bit of savings, just in case.

Personal Development

I started a few other self-experimentation projects:

  • HST-specific training twice a week
  • drinking more water (2 liters every day)
  • no coffee or highly caffeinated drinks
  • check my inbox only once per day

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