Budget Solutions for Pet Turtles

If want turtles but can’t afford the start up costs, here are some ways to save money:

The Tank

Instead of buying a really expensive aquarium, head to your local hardware store and look for a large plastic container. It should be about 90% cheaper than the price of an aquarium of equal size. Mine is quite large, and I got it for about seven dollars. Plastic containers are clear but not fully transparent. The turtles will feel more at ease in this environment. Plastic containers are also light and easy to move.

The Basking Platform

There are many options for basking, e.g., bricks, large river rocks, and beach wood. With these, however, your turtles will lose swimming space because the platform takes up space in the water.

A great solution for hatchlings and smaller turtles is to buy a kitchen sink sponge tray. They have suction cups that can stick to the side of your container. They can be easily tilted or slanted to make climbing out of the water easy for your little ones.


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