Achilles Tendonitis

I injured my Achilles tendon while playing basketball. I’ve lost all power and flexibility with the lower part of my left leg. I can’t run, jump, nor walk fast. Mornings, right after waking up, are the most painful. I try to keep my ankle at 90 degrees until my leg is warm up and the blood is circulating.

I made recovery plan:

  1. No running or leg exercise of any sort, except for biking
  2. Rest Ice Compress Elevate
  3. Glutamine supplement

5 thoughts on “Achilles Tendonitis

  1. I have a weird chest cave in area too, but it’s on the right side, not over the heart. I didn’t realize that there was surgery for that. I probably wouldn’t get it, but it sucks because my chest looks flat on that side, and no amount of working out would be able to balance it.


  2. On the side? It sounds like something completely different if there’s no connection to your sternum. For pectus excavatum (the condition I have) it usually develops during puberty due to offset growth of the sternum and rib cage; one grows faster than the other. For some people it will grow outward, but for most people the sternum goes inward. I tried to workout to fix mine when I was younger but I never knew it was a bone growth condition. I only found out about a year ago that it could be fixed.


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