JLPT N3 Pass

I took the annual Japanese Language Proficiency Test in February. I passed Level 3 with an 83 per cent.


4 thoughts on “JLPT N3 Pass

  1. Yo what up boiiii, its ya boy Nacho showin some love. Congrats on your Japanese aptitude test homie. Good to see your keeping up on good hip hop, new Jesus Price Supastar is FIRE!!!!! peace


  2. i finally got a pc so im connected to the world again. hiphop, sports, porn, news, contact with friends and la famille. ayo ayo nacho nacho


  3. I’m in America watching sports on TV every night. It’s fricken’ amazing! Japanese people have no idea what entertainment meas. Hell, they even manage to mess up something as simple as the lap dance.


  4. Well I get full highlights of the j-players, from their comments about the weather conditions during batting practise to what foods they’ve been eating recently. But I have no idea what’s going on with let’s say… teams, standings, non j-player stats, etc. And you can forget about NBA or NFL highlights. I remember being home and thinking “ah fuck, nothing on tonight… I guess I’ll watch the Celtics game”.


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