Reminiscing About Skateboarding

I started skateboarding when I was about 15, in the fall of 1999. I was living in Newfoundland. I remember seeing people on the streets doing tricks and it got my attention. It looked really cool to see the board flip then land on it. I started skating in the streets by my house and at the Memorial University underground parking lot.

Derek Blais, kickflip
Steve B, smith

I left Newfoundland at the mid-point of grade eleven. I moved to New Brunswick and this was when I first really got into doing tricks. I remember skating for six hours a day then going home and watching skate videos for another couple hours. In Newfoundland I skated alone, but now I had a crew. We skated the streets a lot and were hassled by the cops on a daily basis. Skateboarding kind of kept me away from a lot of the substance abuse problems that most little towns have. I was so focussed on skating. Being drunk or high would only interfere with what I wanted to do

Marc Durrette, front board
Nacho, tailslide

A lot of people hate on skateboarding and this kind of urban culture, especially small towns like the one I was living in. Skateboarding was a positive outlet for me. It was fun, kept me fit, and it taught me about progression and persistance. It’s hard to think how I would have filled up my time if I had never started skateboarding.


One thought on “Reminiscing About Skateboarding

  1. Man… I often think about the old days and how good they were. Just skating all day every day was what it was all about. My biggest concern back then wasn’t really about cash or chicks; it was more about whether or not that dark cloud in the distance was gonna come our way, soak the ground and ruin our session. -Good times-


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