Poutines are one of the most popular foods in Eastern Canada. A poutine is dish that consists of French fries, topped with cheese curds, and coated with generous pouring of hot gravy. You can get poutines at most fast-food chains in Eastern Canada. People say it’s a Canadian food, but it’s really a French Canadian one. It’s a regular comfort food in Quebec and New Brunswick. You can also find it a lot in Nova Scotia.

It was born in rural Quebec in 1957. Fernand Lachance of Warwick claimed an impatient customer ordered cheese curds while waiting for his fries. For an unknown reason, the server was slow to serve the fries. His fries got cold. Lachance didn’t have the patience or ability to reheat them, so he poured hot gravy all over them. “Maybe this way the customer wouldn’t notice,” he thought. When the customer got the fries covered in hot gravy, he dumped his cheese curds onto it. The cheese curds started melting, blending in with the hot and savory gravy. Lachance hollered, “Ca va faire une maudite poutine!” Lachance explained the word meant mess, therefore his statement can be translated as “This is gonna make a fucking mess!” Linguists have no record of the word poutine being used before 1978. It now represents a delicious dish many Canadians enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Poutine

  1. That aint just interesting, that sounds delicious. I’ll have two of them, supersized, and a 40 of Mickeys. Wait, this is Japan.


  2. Good old Derek giving some little island the great knowledge of POUTINE, ya’ll dont know what ur missing. thanks D, i,m hungry for one right now.


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