Learning Japanese: Respect, Modesty & Politeness

I started learning Japanese three years ago from a girl studying to be a Japanese teacher. She was teaching people introductory Japanese, e.g., hiragana, katakana, and self-introductions. Eventually, I enrolled into Japanese classes at St. Mary’s University (SMU) in Halifax, NS for two years. I had/made some Japanese friends, so I had chances to practice outside of the classroom in natural situations.

I recently bought an electronic dictionary (Casio XD-V9000) off a fellow NOVA teacher from Halifax, NS in Japan! Coincidentally we also went to the same junior high school. He was a grade above me, but I remembered his face, and he remembered mine. It was an awesome coincidence and it was nice to catch up with a face I remembered from long ago.


One thought on “Learning Japanese: Respect, Modesty & Politeness

  1. 新しい言語に挑戦するのは、難しいですよね。。。でも、英語をまだ習得できない私からしたら、かなり上達してますよ^^モテルからますます上達しますよ^^


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